Thursday, May 9, 2013

Investopedia: Groupon Shows Some Vigor, But Much Work Waits To Be Done

Everything is relative in the stock market, and it's important to keep Groupon's (Nasdaq:GRPN) performance in context. Yes, Groupon does seem to be doing better, but bears may well argue that means nothing more than Groupon is in a better state of certain death. Although I don't think Groupon is doomed, I do think there's a lot of work left to do, and Groupon still has a lot left to do before it convinces investors that this is a real business with real value for the long-term.

Some Improvements In The First Quarter
Expectations for Groupon have definitely seen downward revisions over the past year, but the company's first quarter results offer some optimism that management, sell-side analysts, and reality are all back on the same page.

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