Stephen D. Simpson, CFA
I am a former Wall St. sell-side analyst who currently spends most of his time writing about investments, business, and the economy. I am also an active and avid investor who still takes on the occasional consulting assignment. A lot of my background involves medical technology, as I was a medical technology analyst, a biomedical research tech, and a consultant to the healthcare industry at various points in my career. I've also worked on the buy-side in both equities and fixed income, where my responsibilities were significantly broader. As a result, I've become comfortable analyzing/investing in, and commenting on, a wide range of industries.

Work Experience
10 years freelance writing (investing, economics, healthcare)

9 years consulting (medical technology)

7 years sell-side equity analyst (medical devices / medical technologies)

1 year buy-side equity analyst (diversified - international)

1.5 years buy-side fixed income financial writer / economic analyst

1 year wet bench life sciences research (dissection, cell culture, confocal microscopy, immunohistochemistry)

Georgetown University