Monday, May 19, 2014

The Motley Fool: ASCO 2014: Making and Breaking Cancer Drugs

As oncology has become the hottest space within pharmaceuticals and biotech, the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is pretty much now the Super Bowl for companies in this space. Meetings like ASCO certainly do lead to companies releasing important data on pipeline candidates, as well as often hosting meetings/presentation to explain their pipelines and development strategies in more details. It's worth remembering, though, that a lot of what is presented is early stage, includes limited number of patients, and often focuses on metrics like response rate that are ultimately less significant than metrics like overall survival. 

All of that said, with the abstracts for the meeting now out, it looks like incrementally good news for Roche (NASDAQOTH: RHHBY  ) and Merck (NYSE: MRK  ) , and encouraging news for AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN  ) and Lilly (NYSE: LLY  ) . For Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE: BMY  ) the reaction is likely to be far less positive from investors, though it is early to make any sweeping pronouncements. 

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ASCO 2014: Making and Breaking Cancer Drugs

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