Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seeking Alpha: BRF's Operational Improvements Shining Through

Brazil's largest food company, BRF SA (NYSE:BRFS), continues to show progress with its self-improvement efforts. Although economic stress on Brazilian consumers has been leading to some trading-down in buying patterns, BRF has offset this with a more profitable SKU mix and an increased focus on operating efficiency. Despite an unexpected change in the company's leadership, the company looks on track with previously announced plans to shift more emphasis to higher-margin processed/packaged products and to prioritize margin and cash flow efficiency.

The biggest problem with BRF shares, apart from the volatility of the Brazilian economic and political environment, is valuation. I do believe that BRF has a plan that can lead the company into the ranks of the multinational packaged food giants, but the shares reflect a lot of optimism. I'm in no rush to sell just because of valuation, but new investors may find it wiser to wait for one of the seemingly inevitable corrections in the Brazilian stock market before stepping to the plate.

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BRF's Operational Improvements Shining Through

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