Sunday, April 17, 2016

Seeking Alpha: AES Tiete Very Attractive, But Very Hard To Own

It's a real shame that when AES (NYSE:AES) restructured the ownership of AES Tiete (TIET11.SA) it chose to cancel the ADR program. AES Tiete may not only be one of the most interesting assets within AES, but it is one of the more interesting and differentiated Brazilian electrical utilities. While it is technically possible for individual American investors to own shares traded in Brazil, it is not easy - not only can it be challenging to find a broker, there are language barriers to consider and serious issues of convenience and hassle. To put it another way, I periodically approach brokers about the possibility of opening an account and more than once the response has been along the lines of "which company do you like so much that you want to do all of this?"

All of that said, I think AES Tiete looks to be about 25% undervalued today, with a very clean balance sheet and strong upside to a long-term recovery in Brazilian electricity prices. For those who can buy Brazilian equities, I'd definitely recommend a closer look. For those who can't, maybe it's worth a spot on a watch list on the off chance that AES makes ADRs available once again.

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AES Tiete Very Attractive, But Very Hard To Own

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