Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nidec Transforming Its Business In Meaningful Ways

Japan's Nidec (OTCPK:NJDCY) is best known as a dominant player in the market for spindle motors that power hard disk drives, but the company has done a lot to diversify its business and position itself for growth in other precision motor markets, robotics, autos, appliances, and industrial motors. What's more, it's an unusual Japanese company in that it embraces M&A, gives a lot of authority to operating units, and is shareholder-friendly insofar as targeting meaningful profit growth over size for its own sake.

Nidec shares look as though they could still offer upside from here, but the growth expectations are high. I believe the company's opportunities in autos, robotics, precision motors, and other applications can support (if not exceed) those expectations, but this is not an example of a company that has been overlooked and where the expectations are correspondingly modest. I would also note that while Nidec delisted its shares from the NYSE last year, the ADRs are relatively liquid.

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Nidec Transforming Its Business In Meaningful Ways

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