Wednesday, November 1, 2017

3M Comes Back Strong In The Third Quarter

With its high valuation multiples and above-average visibility, 3M (MMM) needed a better result than what it delivered in the second quarter – a quarter that was marked by average organic revenue growth, rare pricing weakness, and weak margin performance. Fortunately, for shareholders, 3M came through and delivered a quarter that, while not perfect, was still quite strong on a relative basis.
Valuation is still problematic. I can’t really come up with a set of circumstances whereby these shares look cheap, so I suppose the argument comes down to some version of “almost of all of its peers are expensive, so if you have to own an expensive stock, why not this one?” I still own these shares myself (but it is not a large part of my portfolio), and I think management still has moves to make to drive better results, but I do worry that today’s valuation is setting the stage for unimpressive returns down the line.

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3M Comes Back Strong In The Third Quarter

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