Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Few Sour Notes For Honeywell

At the risk of drifting into the territory of a broken record, Honeywell’s (HON) performance continues to back up my view of the company as one of the best multi-industrials today. With Honeywell’s longer-cycle businesses hitting the sweet spots of their cycles, the company’s growth is finding another gear at a time when shorter-cycle results are likely to be choppier.

With its core businesses doing well (and with runways to do even better) and ample capacity to do more M&A, but no particular necessity, the only issue I have with Honeywell is, predictably enough, the price. It’s tough for me to push my valuation models beyond a fair value of $170 today, and I think Honeywell is now enjoying the status as a Wall Street darling and growth safe haven. Honeywell has earned this love and I wouldn’t advise stepping in front of this freight train, but it’s tougher to get excited about the returns on offer from this high level.

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Few Sour Notes For Honeywell

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