Tuesday, July 23, 2019

PNC Financial (PNC) has been consistent in their belief that they can best serve investors by pursuing selective organic consumer and commercial bank growth opportunities in lieu of whole bank M&A, and the last couple of quarters would seem to suggest that they're on to something in the commercial bank, as PNC continues to outpace its peers in loan growth. With spreads likely to get worse from here, PNC's organic growth potential may well help it stand out from the crowd.

I liked PNC a quarter ago, and the shares have outperformed the banking sector since then (and the market as a whole). The shares are trading closer to fair value now, but PNC offering a more credible case that it can offset spread compression with organic growth and above-peer loan growth, I'd be inclined to prefer a fairly-valued PNC to some undervalued bank stocks with less impressive near-term drivers.

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PNC Financial Leveraging Organic Growth As A Not-So-Secret Weapon

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