Friday, December 28, 2012

Investopedia: A Triple Play Of Biotech Disappointments Last Week

While disappointing clinical trial results are not only common, they're what most investors should ultimately expect (only about 10 to 15% of new drugs make it to market). Even so, last week saw three highly-anticipated biotech events all go against long investors. While the prospects for these three stories do vary quite a bit, at a minimum they ought to serve as a reminder that there are no sure things in this space.

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Important note!
Investopedia's editors mistakenly altered the final paragraph to a significant extent. The original read:
Perhaps there are some CFS patients who could benefit from Ampligen. Unfortunately, I believe that the poor quality of the the trials run by Hemispherx (the resulting data) make it a moot point, and I believe this company and stock will continue to serve as clear warnings regarding biotechs that linger on for years at a time and cannot generate interest from proven biotech institutional investors. 

I have requested that the text be changed back to this correct/intended final paragraph.

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