Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seeking Alpha: Endurance Specialty Pushing On Through Soft Markets

Endurance Specialty Holdings (NYSE:ENH) hasn't emerged as a leader of the insurance pack, but it has done okay since my last write-up on the company in June of 2015. With the shares up around 5% (excluding dividends), Endurance has outdone the likes of Aspen (NYSE:AHL) and XL Group (NYSE:XL), but hasn't quite kept up with top-notch players like Arch Capital (NASDAQ:ACGL), RenRe (NYSE:RNR), W. R. Berkley (NYSE:WRB), or Hartford (NYSE:HIG).

In my opinion, Endurance has gotten itself off to a good start with the integration of Montpelier Re (NYSE:MRH), and I like how the company has been repositioning its business and risk exposures in the reinsurance segment. On the insurance side, the company is writing a lot of business and looking to grow in markets like aviation and international casualty. While a drive for scale is understandable, expanding the business in a period of soft rates carries with it some risks to future profits.

The market has established an undesirable trade-off for me within the insurance sector - the stocks I like best aren't very cheap (if cheap at all), and the ones that are undervalued have some risks and "yeah, but..." attached to them. Such is the case with Endurance. I don't think my expectations are all that ambitious (long-term earnings growth around 5%, with a 10% ROE) and the fair value of $67 to $70 holds some appeal, but I can't muster together a rousing Buy case for the stock right now.

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