Sunday, November 27, 2016

Iberiabank In The Middle Of A Tough Balancing Act

While the share price at IBERIABANK Corp. (NASDAQ:IBKC) ("Iberiabank") has rocketed up since the election (along with many, if not most, other bank stocks), there are still a lot of areas where management has work to do. The energy portfolio has shrunk, but credit quality has worsened, and there are some legitimate concerns about how management has been managing excess liquidity in a low-rate environment.

As is often the case with most stocks, a lot of it comes down to valuation. If Iberiabank were trading around 1.5x tangible book, I'd be excited about the deposit footprint and the toeholds in multiple growth markets across the South. As it is, though, I think the Street is more than rewarding the stock for the improvements in operating efficiency, the probable loan growth trajectory, and the possibility of a more constructive regulatory environment.

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Iberiabank In The Middle Of A Tough Balancing Act

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