Sunday, November 27, 2016

Once Overlooked, Microsemi Is Now The Belle Of The Ball

It's been a long, and sometimes strange, trip with Microsemi (NASDAQ:MSCC). It wasn't that long ago when writing positively about this semiconductor company generated a lot of negative feedback from the peanut gallery, but management has stuck to its plan and reshaped Microsemi into a diversified semiconductor company with multiple growth drivers and good margin leverage potential. The market has recognized this improvement too, with the shares up over 130% over the last three years and up more than 50% over the past twelve months.

Now Microsemi is a relatively popular name - it's on multiple sell-side "Top Pick" lists and the stock is in play as an M&A target. I do believe there is a credible case that Microsemi could be a target, if for no other reason than M&A is a reasonable way to drive earnings growth in the semi market today and the recent wave of consolidation has thinned the herd of eligible and worthwhile targets. Given the upside potential of a deal, I'm inclined to hold on to what I have but I will note that it's not really plausible (in my opinion, at least) to validate today's price on a standalone basis.

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Once Overlooked, Microsemi Is Now The Belle Of The Ball

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