Monday, April 16, 2018

AxoGen Offers An Exciting Story At Nosebleed Prices

When the stocks of real companies go up more than 250% in a year, it’s a safe bet that there are at least two factors in play – the company has a great growth story and institutions have caught wind of it. And so it would seem with AxoGen (AXGN), where the company’s products for peripheral nerve repair are legitimately exciting, but where the growth expectations are already quite robust.

AxoGen shares seem to be pricing in a scenario where the company holds close to one-third of its addressable market in 2027 with FCF margins in the mid-20%s. That’s achievable, but it doesn’t leave much room for stumbles or disappointments. I can’t make a value case for AxoGen, but I know there are investors who care more about story and growth, and maybe there’s still some appeal here for that group.

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AxoGen Offers An Exciting Story At Nosebleed Prices

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