Thursday, January 24, 2019

Encouraging, If Choppy, Progress At Umpqua

Orgeon’s Umpqua Holdings (UMPQ) has generally been well-liked by investors, which has often meant a less-appealing valuation compared to many peers. Between that popularity, a less asset-sensitive balance sheet than many peers, and general optimism on the company’s efficiency initiative, the shares really haven’t lagged its regional banking peers all that much over the last six or 12 months.

Looking at fourth quarter results, Umpqua seems to be going into 2019 with some decent momentum and attractive prospects for spread improvement on delayed repricings, as well as further cost-reduction benefits from the NextGen process. Although I believe Umpqua is undervalued on both a long-term earnings basis (assuming high single-digit growth) and near-term ROTE, the degree of undervaluation is less than for many banks in its peer group.

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Encouraging, If Choppy, Progress At Umpqua

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