Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Wall Street Seems Skeptical Of Palo Alto's Transition

Past success may buy you a little benefit of the doubt on Wall Street, but only just a little. While it’s hard to quibble with Palo Alto Networks’ (PANW) track record as a disruptor and growth story in the security space, that hasn’t helped the shares so much in recent months. While security spending looks pretty healthy going into 2019 and the death of the firewall (due in part to transitions toward cloud/hybrid-cloud approaches) has been greatly exaggerated, Wall Street does seem uncertain about the company’s pivot toward more cloud-oriented solutions and a new executive leadership team whose career experience in the security space isn’t as deep.

I don’t dismiss those industry experience concerns out of hand, but I think Palo Alto has brought on some talented executives that can help Palo Alto stay nimble and evolve – doing what worked in the past as your end-markets change is a pretty good way to get left behind in technology. Palo Alto looks cheap enough now that I’m a little paranoid and wondering what I may be missing; I get that the market has soured on tech stocks and that 2019 could be a more challenging year than 2018 was, but the shares seem to be discounting a pretty weak scenario today.

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Wall Street Seems Skeptical Of Palo Alto's Transition

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