Friday, October 11, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Lionbridge Still Not Living Up To Its Potential

It's a big world out there, and keeping up with the local needs and demands of customers is an increasingly significant part of growing global sales. To that end, maybe it goes without saying that the translation and product localization services offered by Lionbridge Technologies (LIOX) are certainly necessary. Likewise, the company's development and testing services allow companies to more efficiently test and improve their mobile, web, and software releases prior to full commercial launch.

That all sounds fine, and Lionbridge boasts some major customers like Microsoft (MSFT), Nokia (NOK), and Google (GOOG). Unfortunately, the company hasn't been able to really carve out a lucrative niche for these services, and the company's revenue growth, margins, and returns on capital have been unimpressive for some time now. Although I do think there is significant untapped potential in this business, investing in the shares today requires a certain degree of faith that management will figure out the right combination to unlock that potential.

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Lionbridge Still Not Living Up To Its Potential

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