Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seeking Alpha: Waiting For Ultratech, Or Waiting For Godot?

The difficult wait at Ultratech (UTEK) goes on, as investors are growing restless with the lack of much-needed laser spike annealing orders. While I still believe that Ultratech has very competitive technology in this market and that LSA is going to be vital to sub-20nm chip production, that belief is being tested in the face of poor ordering results. In the meantime, growth in the advanced packaging, metrology, and ALD is nice to see, but not enough to drive the stock.

Recreating the company's past market share in LSA in this next generation of chips would still make this a stock very much worth owning. I would also point out that the company has nearly $10 a share in cash on the balance sheet on a fully-diluted basis. It must be said, though, that Ultratech is getting very close to that "put up or shut up" point where talking about technology and revenue potential feels pointless in the face of relative performance data from Applied Materials (AMAT), Dainippon Screen (OTC:DINRY), and perhaps Mattson (MTSN).

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Waiting For Ultratech, Or Waiting For Godot?

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