Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seeking Alpha: Amicus Therapeutics Still A "Show Me" Story

When investors are keen on a sub-sector within biotech, as they have been relatively recently for immuno-oncology, RNAi, and liver disease, companies and their stocks often get the benefit of the doubt, with gaudy sales forecasts and approval odds well in excess of historical norms. On the flip side, and in a case like Amicus Therapeutics (FOLD), once investors have largely written off a company it can be very hard to regain their interest and confidence.

To be very clear, I believe Amicus still has a difficult road ahead of it. The data on lead compound migalastat are not clean and sufficient evidence of efficacy to drive approval (and/or market adoption) is no guarantee. Likewise, the company's 3-in-3 strategy to get three rare disease enzyme replacement therapies (or ERTs) into the clinic over the next three years is ambitious but high-risk. These shares do still appear to be undervalued, but I can frankly understand why many investors may conclude that there are better reward-to-risk opportunities elsewhere in biotech.

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Amicus Therapeutics Still A "Show Me" Story

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