Saturday, December 20, 2014

Seeking Alpha: Despite A Reminder Of The Risks, Senomyx Still Has Appealing Potential

Wall Street can be a harsh teacher (I have the grey hairs to prove it), so it's best to learn certain lessons with a minimal number of repetitions. One of those lessons is that it almost always pays to be skeptical when it comes to small development-stage companies that depend upon commercial launches controlled by larger companies.

Senomyx (NASDAQ:SNMX) has an interesting IP and technology portfolio for taste receptor-based food additives and a high-profile partnership with PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP). Optimism over the commercialization potential of an additive designed to reduce the sugar/HFCS content of sodas and other beverages sent these shares close to $13 this year, but then the market swept the legs out from under the stock on worries about a later-than-guided commercial launch from Pepsi and lackluster self-directed sales efforts.

I had been less bullish on Senomyx's near-term prospects than at least some of the sell-side, so the consequences of this six-to-nine month delay aren't as bad to my valuation. I still believe this is a high-risk/high-reward situation, but the commercial potential of products that can reduce the sugar or salt content of food and beverages, or enhance their savory characteristics is such that this is still a stock for aggressive investors to consider as a 2015 breakout story.

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Despite A Reminder Of The Risks, Senomyx Still Has Appealing Potential

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