Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Seeking Alpha: JPMorgan's Steady Progress Not Fully Rewarded

It may be boring, but JPMorgan Chase's (NYSE:JPM) ability to deliver on the "blocking and tackling" issues identified by management continues to build value for long-term shareholders of this enormous financial institution. More specifically, JPMorgan's management has managed to reduce its GSIB buffer and make progress on cost reductions while simultaneously driving above-average loan growth.

These improvements have led me to adjust my revenue and earnings targets, as well as the company's risk premium, and those improvements support a higher fair value. JPMorgan definitely has a delicate balancing act to maintain between further reducing its buffers and costs and not alienating customers, not to mention balancing the risk of expanded credit and credit losses, and maintaining leading market share in multiple businesses without getting dragged into a race to the bottom on pricing.

JPMorgan appears to be handling this balancing act with considerable skill. Given that, as well as the higher fair value and a generally "meh" attitude towards banks over the past six months, I think JPMorgan is looking a little more interesting as a new buy.

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JPMorgan's Steady Progress Not Fully Rewarded

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