Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seeking Alpha: Assa Abloy Has Growth Locked Up

Assa Abloy (OTCPK:ASAZY) has a lot of the traits that investors looking for high-quality companies ought to prize. The company generates good returns on capital and consistently generates good cash flow from its revenue base. It also has a market leadership position, but operates in a market that still leaves it ample room to expand and grow. While the organic growth rate has been pretty dismal over most of the past decade, the severe disruptions to the construction markets in Western Europe after the collapse of the credit bubble certainly created some headwinds.

The problem (and if there was ever going to be a Stephen Simpson Seeking Alpha drinking game, this is where you'd take a shot) is valuation. Even amidst the crapalanche that is the year-to-date global equity market, Assa Abloy isn't cheap enough for me. Assa Abloy is almost never cheap, and I won't argue that it should be; it's a well-run company with great share. What's more, North American and Western European non-residential and residential construction look like good markets to be in for 2016. Nevertheless, I just can't connect the dots and come up with a valuation that makes me a willing buyer at today's price.

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Assa Abloy Has Growth Locked Up

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