Monday, March 13, 2017

Santen - An Overlooked Play On An Overlooked Space

Ophthalmology doesn't really get much attention from most drug companies, and I suppose I can't blame them - the entire global market is estimated to be worth around $25 billion in 2017 while Celgene's (NASDAQ:CELG) cancer drug Revlimid annualizes close to $8 billion in sales alone. In other words, relative to the opportunities in disease categories like cancer and auto-immune, it's not necessarily a huge moneymaker. Nevertheless, just because the space doesn't have broad appeal doesn't mean that there aren't money-making opportunities, and I think you could argue that the avoidance of the area works in the favor of companies like Japan's Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (OTCPK:SNPHY).

While Santen's U.S. ADRs have decent liquidity, I don't think many investors pay much attention to this company, even though it is one of only three companies in the world with a full range of ophthalmic drugs. With the company holding strong share in Japan and China, building its business in the EU, and about to enter the U.S., I believe Santen could be looking at some meaningful growth opportunities in the coming years that aren't fully reflected in the share price.

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Santen - An Overlooked Play On An Overlooked Space

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