Thursday, August 3, 2017

Microsemi Delivering On Its Execution Promises

In my opinion, Microsemi (MSCC) is doing a good job of laying to rest whatever lingering arguments there were from bears that this company is/was “just” a serial acquisition story. Since the large PMCS deal, Microsemi has been executing on its synergy/cost-cutting targets, and the company continues to march toward its long-standing 65/35 gross margin and operating margin goals. What's more, the company is doing a decent job on revenue as well, with new products and market share gains helping to solidify the bull case.

Microsemi shares haven't done very well since my last update (down about 7% and meaningfully underperforming SOX), but then, I did think the share price was demanding back in January and that buyout expectations were a big part of the story. While a buyout of Microsemi is still a possibility (and perhaps even likely depending on your time frame), the quarter-by-quarter execution story isn't going to be so exciting, and particularly so when the company isn't leveraged to buzzy areas of the chip sector today like autos and IoT. With the shares now offering a little upside relative to my fair value estimate, they could be worth a look and particularly so, if the market/shares were to sell off again.

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Microsemi Delivering On Its Execution Promises

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