Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lundbeck Gets An Unexpected Boon From The FDA

Things really do seem a little different at the FDA these days. The FDA's commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, has talked openly of wanting the agency to take a different approach to its interactions with the biopharma industry, speeding up processes, removing certain roadblocks, and generally shifting more toward a "let the market decide" philosophy. Although there are a lot of moving parts to that, some of them quite controversial and beyond the scope of this piece, it has had an immediate impact on H. Lundbeck (OTCPK:HLUYY) (LUN.CO).

Lundbeck made a surprising announcement late on May 2 that the FDA had chosen to grant expanded labeling claims for its depression drug Trintellix. Although this change is not going to make a night-and-day difference for the company, it is a positive development all the same and one that I believe could boost Lundbeck's long-term revenue growth rate by close to 1% and its fair value by more than 5%.

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Lundbeck Gets An Unexpected Boon From The FDA

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