Wednesday, May 9, 2018

PerkinElmer Lagging A Bit

It has been a so-so year thus far for PerkinElmer (PKI), and that has been true for many other life sciences companies as well. Thermo Fisher (TMO) and Danaher (DHR) have been stronger (with just under double-digit returns year to date), but Waters (WAT) and Mettler Toledo (MTD) have been weaker, and PerkinElmer has at least kept pace with the S&P 500.

While I like PerkinElmer's biopharma, diagnostics, and food safety businesses for the long term, the underlying performance for 2018 looks like it is on pace for "good, not great". With the shares trading a little below my typical hurdle rate but still offering a high single-digit estimated annualized return, I'd call this is a "high-interest hold" at this point.

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PerkinElmer Lagging A Bit

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