Monday, August 12, 2013

Seeking Alpha: FDA Kicks Wright Medical In The Groin - What Now?

There are days when the news that comes out of the stock market makes you want to rip the router out of the wall and just forget about stocks for a couple of days. Thursday, August 8th was one of those days as the FDA delivered a sharp kick to the collective groins of Wright Medical (WMGI) shareholders with a nearly impossible-to-justify rejection of the company's application for the Augment orthobiologic product.

If there was any good news, and that's a big "if", it was that most analysts were not fully incorporating Augment into their numbers for Wright Medical. Consequently, the rejection is not devastating from a numbers perspective. Moreover, it's still at least theoretically possible that the company can find a way to get this product on the market eventually, where it could still be a multi-hundred million dollar product. For now, though, investors would do well to think about Augment on par with getting included in the will of a wealthy uncle you didn't even know you had - the FDA has made it clear that that Augment will reach the U.S. market more or less over its dead body.

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FDA Kicks Wright Medical In The Groin - What Now?

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