Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Looking At AVEO With Fresh Eyes

It's been a horrible year for AVEO Pharmaceuticals (AVEO), and arguably a lot of the damage has been self-inflicted. Others have written at length about the FDA's decision to reject the company's application for tivozanib in renal cell carcinoma(RCC), as well as the deficiencies in the design of the pivotal trial, the company's apparent tone-deafness towards the FDA, and the lack of disclosure to shareholders regarding interactions with the agency.

I'm not here to rehash all of that. For better or worse, tivozanib is effectively dead in RCC for the time being. What I am interested in doing, though, is trying to approach the company with as close to a clean slate and fresh eyes as I can. After all, tivozanib is still in two other Phase II studies and AVEO could certainly follow in the tracks of other biotechs who faced crushing rejections only to come back later with approvable drugs or indications.

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Looking At AVEO With Fresh Eyes

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