Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Microsemi Not Quite To Plan, But Still Improving

Owning Microsemi (MSCC) is an interesting experience. For a company that is pretty small and obscure by most standards, there's a surprising number of people who want to bash the company and claim that its success is only due to the fact that it is, in many cases, the only approved supplier of a particular component.

Let the haters hate - I'm firmly in the black with these shares and the trailing performance compares quite nicely with the semiconductor sector as a whole, not to mention individual rivals like Silicon Labs (SLAB), Fairchild (FCS), and Semtech (SMTC). What's more, the company is built upon a continuous flow of new products, coupled with moves to unlock more operating leverage from the operations. Although these shares are close to my fair value, and I have considered selling them in favor of owning a more undervalued chip stock, a recovery in multiple end-markets could drive higher performance from here.

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Microsemi Not Quite To Plan, But Still Improving

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