Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hancock Holding Seems Richly Valued For What It Offers

Almost the entire banking sector has gone on a run since the election, so it's not exactly surprising to see that Hancock Holding's (NASDAQ:HBHC) shares ran up about one-third from the time of the election to a recent high of $45.50. Still, this is one where I have a harder time excusing the new premiums, given Hancock's ongoing problematic exposure to souring energy loans, slowing loan growth, and larger challenges in spread income growth.

I think it was smart of Hancock to raise equity at this higher valuation, as it is always better to raise money when you can as opposed to when you must, and it does bump up the company's capital ratios. At this point I could see Hancock as either (if not both) an opportunistic buyer within its current footprint or a seller at the right price. While a larger bank could justify a premium as part of a buyout, I'd be uncomfortable holding a bank stock that really needs that buyout to make the valuation seem reasonable.

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Hancock Holding Seems Richly Valued For What It Offers

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