Monday, December 26, 2016

Omron Doing A Lot Of The Right Things

Japan's OMRON (Omron) (OTCPK:OMRNY) is not likely a household name to many U.S. investors, although I suppose a sharp-eyed reader might have noticed their name on a blood pressure or patient monitor machine at the doctor's office. Nevertheless, Omron is an interesting player in the industrial automation space, and a company that seems to be focusing on some smart potential growth drivers that could improve the business in the years to come.

These shares have already recovered quite nicely from their lows, and there are some drawbacks to the conglomerate model that the company pursues. That said, the valuation isn't that bad and I suppose it is a name worth investigating further if you're interested in a smaller industrial automation story and/or a company with significant exposure to Japan and China.

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Omron Doing A Lot Of The Right Things

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