Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Can Luxfer Translate Its Skillset Into Real Results?

Leadership is a funny word - you can be the best at something, but if that "something" isn't all that valuable, then it's hard to make real money from that leadership. That's my initial impression of Luxfer (NYSE:LXFR) as I do believe this company has a strong position in specialty metal and metal products (including magnesium alloys/powders, zirconium, and aluminum/aluminum composite cylinders), but that leadership hasn't meant abundant (or reliable) cash flow, nor much in the way of strong market returns over the last five years.

I do expect management to continue to deliver innovation-driven products to the market, and I do think that there are growth opportunities in autos, aerospace, and chemical catalysts; but I'm hesitant to believe that revenue growth will come in much above the mid-single digits for any sustained period of time. The good news is that the Street really isn't expecting much - revenue growth in the 3% to 4% range and FCF margins in the high single digits can support a fair value of close to $14, as can an 8x multiple to my estimate of 2017 EBITDA. Coupled with a dividend yield close to 4% and a balance sheet that is in decent health, these underperforming shares could be worth a look for value and turnaround-oriented investors.

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Can Luxfer Translate Its Skillset Into Real Results?

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