Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dialog Semiconductor - Too Good To Be True?

I don't want to like Dialog Semiconductor (OTC:DLGNF) (DLGS.XE). I don't like companies that get overwhelming amounts of revenue from a single customer, or companies with such erratic margins and no clear signs of ongoing improvement. Add in an unfocused/unclear M&A strategy and a U.S. ADR that has unusably low liquidity (the Xetra-listed shares are FAR more liquid and that's the way to invest, if you choose to do so...), and there are plenty of reasons to avoid Dialog.

And yet.

The valuation on Dialog looks a lot lower to me than it should be, even when I apply penalties to reflect the lack of diversification and so on. Even 4% to 5% long-term revenue and FCF growth would offer upside to today's price, and these shares could be meaningfully undervalued - particularly if you believe that the company can reinvest its sizable cash position into value-building M&A. Granted, if Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) drops Dialog's PMICs then all bets are off with respect to valuation, but investors could do well from here if these renewed worries prove overdone.

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Dialog Semiconductor - Too Good To Be True?

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