Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Innovation And Execution A Powerful Combination For NuVasive

NuVasive (NASDAQ:NUVA) is a case in point as to why I'm a little cautious sometimes stepping away from strong growth stories driven by innovation and strong operational execution, particularly in markets/sectors that don't always have as much of those as they should. While NuVasive had a great run going into my last write-up in October, and did offer investors a brief pull-back, the shares have since climbed another 20% or so on the back of respectable financial performance and strong "in the field" innovation.

Valuation remains problematic. NuVasive is a relatively rare combination of good growth, strong margin leverage, and expanding market share, and I'm not surprised that it has become a popular go-to name in the space. That said, the shares are now pricing in a high teens FCF growth rate that may be hard to surpass. Given the history here of the market swinging too far during both the bad times and the good times, I'd be careful buying near the highs, but I'd certainly reconsider if the sector sells off on another bout of health insurance reform uncertainty and/or a company-specific shortfall in earnings/guidance.

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Innovation And Execution A Powerful Combination For NuVasive

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