Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Geely Still Hard On The Throttle

I've been bullish on Geely (OTCPK:GELYY)(0175.HK) for a while, but China's third-largest domestic car company has surpassed even what I regarded as bullish expectations on my part. The company's new SUV line-up has gone over well with customers, as have new sedans, and Geely's upcoming Lynk brand could take the company to yet another new level. Volume growth continues to blow away underlying market growth in China, sending the local shares up over 100% from my last write-up.

How much further can Geely go? The company's overall share in China is still only around 3%, and its share of domestic brands is still below 10%. Additional sedan launches are slated for this year, as well as significant launches for Lynk in 2017 and 2018.

The health of China's market and the sequential weakness in monthly results are both concerns, as are higher baked-in expectations and the ongoing murkiness in the company's operations vis a vis its parent company. Even so, the company seems to have made meaningful strides in addressing past engineering and marketing challenges and success outside of China could provide an unexpected new driver for growth.

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Geely Still Hard On The Throttle

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