Sunday, March 4, 2018

FEMSA Continues To Offer Attractive Value

Shares of FEMSA (FMX), a large Mexican consumer conglomerate, are always going to twitch with concerns about Mexico's economy (including the exchange rate with the U.S.), but management has demonstrated over the years that it knows how to build value for shareholders. Recent endeavors like drugstores and gas stations will take time to mature, but the underlying growth story for the company remains intact.

I continue to believe that $105 to $115 is a good fair value range for the ADRs and that opportunities to buy below $100 should be considered by investors who want some exposure to emerging market (especially Mexican) consumer spending growth. Although 2018 could be a little more challenging due to political issues, I believe high single-digit growth potential continues to support a healthy outlook for double-digit long-term returns.

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FEMSA Continues To Offer Attractive Value

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