Sunday, March 4, 2018

Microsemi Finds Its Last Deal

Management at Microsemi (MSCC) is known for commenting that in semiconductor M&A, "You buy until you get bought." There have been rumors off and on about potential bidders circling Microsemi for a little while now, and the executive management's compensation plan was certainly structured to reward a deal. Now Microsemi finally found its buyer - Microchip Technology (MCHP), a seasoned semiconductor M&A veteran that should reap meaningful revenue and cost synergies from the deal.

Given the deal price, I don't think Microsemi investors have a compelling need to stay to the very end; a rival bid is always possible, but the price offered isn't such that I think another bid is highly likely. Pre-market indications are that Microsemi won't trade up to the full bid price just yet, though, so Microsemi investors can at least get paid a little for waiting unless and until they have a better idea.

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Microsemi Finds Its Last Deal

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