Sunday, March 4, 2018

PRA Group Back On Firmer Footing

The recent past hasn't been pretty at PRA Group (PRAA), but with a couple of better quarters in hand, it seems reasonable to think that this collector of charged-off receivables is back on track. I don't believe it is realistic to expect the company to get back to the ROE levels of yesterday - the market has changed, and PRA is a much bigger share of the market now - but double-digit ROEs seem possible again, as well as a return to healthy free cash flow generation.

PRA Group is a tough company to analyze, but I expect to see improving collection efficiency metrics, as well as increasing supply, in the coming years. That supports a fair value in the high $30s to low $40s today and makes this a name worth considering on pullbacks.

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PRA Group Back On Firmer Footing

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