Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Multi-Color Gets Its Bid

Roughly a month after Bloomberg reported a rumor that Multi-Color (LABL) was pursuing a sale of the company, and about two weeks after management acknowledged it as part of its fiscal third quarter earnings report, management announced that it had accepted a bid to be acquired by Platinum Equity in an all-cash deal worth $50/share.

This buyout price is not all that investors could have hoped for, but it’s not a bad outcome for a company that has been struggling for some time now and that didn’t really seem to have any credible plan in place to drive meaningfully better results. While the offer price doesn’t lock the door on a competing bid, I don’t expect one and I would expect the shares to trade at a relatively low discount to the deal price as regulatory approval and funding aren’t really meaningful risks to deal completion.

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Multi-Color Gets Its Bid

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