Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Mindray's Quarter Won't Settle Diddly

Both bulls and bears can find information in Mindray's (MR) second quarter report to uphold their preexisting biases about the stock. Convinced that that growth is slowing and the company is seeing less margin leverage? There are data to support that. Convinced that Mindray can continue to exploit a huge market for quality value-priced medical equipment while generating good free cash flow? We've got you covered there too.

At a minimum, I'd say Mindray is in that awkward phase where the company is alienating pure med-tech growth investors, but not yet attracting the margin/cash flow-driven value/GARP crowd. Although I think recent ventures into immunoassay and ultrasound could pay off down the road, I'm not as willing to stick my neck out right now for a stock like Mindray.

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Mindray's Quarter Won't Settle Diddly

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