Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seeking Alpha: Amicus Therapeutics Has Driven Value Through The Clinic

In prior articles on Amicus Therapeutics (NASDAQ:FOLD) I spoke of the significant value creation potential of successful clinical trials. If Amicus could show investors that its lead drug migalastat was both safe and effective as a treatment for Fabry disease, the market would reward the company with a substantially higher valuation.

That has happened. Data from the '012 study and additional extension data from the '011 study have established that migalastat offers comparable efficacy to enzyme replacement therapy (or ERT) and meaningful benefits to cardiac and renal function. While the path to FDA approval is still a little murky, investors should have more information relatively soon and I believe the odds now favor approval and commercial success - at least in a subset of patients with amenable mutations. Migalastat's future as a part of combo therapy is still uncertain, but offers further upside, as do clinical programs in Pompe's disease and MPS-1.

Amicus Therapeutics has risen more than 160% over the past year, but still looks undervalued on the basis of its market potential in Fabry disease. With a more convenient administration (it's an oral medication) and a potential safety benefit, there could be still more upside from pricing and/or market share. Value creation through de-risking the Pompe and MPS-1 programs is certainly still possible (positive data will support higher odds of regulatory/commercial success), but those events are further off.

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Amicus Therapeutics Has Driven Value Through The Clinic

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