Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seeking Alpha: BB&T Breaks From The Pack Again

I've said before that North Carolina-based super-regional bank BB&T (NYSE:BBT) seems to have a knack for moving against the tides in banking. When other banks are reporting good quarters, BB&T disappoints and when its super-regional peers report lackluster quarters it seems to do better. So I suppose it shouldn't really be a surprise that BB&T offered up a pretty solid set of results in a reporting season where most of its peers haven't impressed the Street.

BB&T isn't particularly asset-sensitive and it looks like next year will be another "muddle through" unless/until rates start moving up. Management is going to be busy, though, as it has three significant acquisitions to integrate, including the largest acquisition announced/attempted since the new regulatory system was put in place.

BB&T shares still look undervalued to me and the bank still has the capacity to do additional deals and increase its exposure to commercial lending.

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BB&T Breaks From The Pack Again

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