Monday, June 17, 2013

MassDevice: Smarter Strategic Moves Bode Well For Wright Medical

There's a saying in the markets that there's always a bull market somewhere. Along similar lines, it's almost always possible to find areas of growth in otherwise stagnant med-tech markets. While the overall performance of the orthopedic market has been pretty uninspiring of late, the extremities sub-sectors (upper and lower extremities) have been notable exceptions.

Growing share in lower extremities is not the only positive factor at work in pushing Wright Medical (NSDQ:WMGI) to new highs. After years of pursuing what I believe to have been an unrealistic business model and a scandal tied to the industry-wide practice of improper payments to surgeons to use their implants, CEO Bob Palmisano has the company on the right track again. Two years into his tenure as CEO, there's still ground to cover in terms of margins, but the company's sales strategy for recon, its growth in extremities, and the assets acquired from BioMimetic Therapeutics make this a name to watch in the sleepy ortho sector.

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