Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Hurco Virtually Unknown And Meaningfully Undervalued

Typically when a writer talks about a company being "under-followed" it means that there are no analysts from big name firms following the stock, or that what coverage there is from small retail-oriented shops. In the case of Hurco (HURC), though, there is no coverage.


While this is indeed a small company with a very small float, it doesn't deserve to be completely ignored. Hurco is a small player in the global machine tool industry, but its high-spec tools address a legitimate market opportunity. What's more, the company's margins and returns on capital stack up quite well against some of the giants of the sector. While there is a frustrating cyclicality to this industry, Hurco shares look 30% to 50% undervalued on the basis of a long-term free cash flow model.

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Hurco Virtually Unknown And Meaningfully Undervalued

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