Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Non-Core Ops Nail First Cash In Q2

First Cash Financial Services (FCFS) has been a solid growth stock for quite some time now, delivering better than 17% annual revenue growth over the past three and ten years and delivering market returns of almost 130% and over 900% over those time periods. But it has also always been a volatile stock as well as a quick look at a long-term chart will show. Some of that volatility can be tied to the economy or the evolving regulatory environment for pawn lending (and to a lesser extent payday lending), but some of it is simply the ups and downs of the business.

Those "ups and downs" came back to bite First Cash this quarter, as significantly lower gold scrapping and a lower peso led the company to lower guidance for the year about 10% a month ago and led to a second quarter financial report that was weak on multiple lines. While the stock has already reclaimed some of the lost ground and remains a promising long-term growth story, I wouldn't encourage new investors to rush into this name at this point.

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Non-Core Ops Nail First Cash In Q2

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