Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Too Many Questions To Get Comfortable With PhotoMedex

Sometimes you go into researching a company expecting to find one thing, and you come out with a completely different idea of a company. When I first started digging into PhotoMedex (PHMD) a few months ago, I thought I was going to be looking at a company that was something like DUSA Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Sun Pharmaceuticals back in December of 2012), Cynosure (CYNO) or Solta Medical (SLTM).

Instead of finding a dermatology med-tech company, I feel that PhotoMedex is more of a consumer products company with a small medical business attached. What's more, digging around turned up some concerns with customer service/satisfaction and evidence that this is a company eager to get its message out to investors. While I suppose the valuation is not that demanding given the recent trends in reported growth, I just can't get comfortable enough with the company to find the stock appealing today.

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Too Many Questions To Get Comfortable With PhotoMedex

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