Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Investopedia: For BBVA, Does More Spain Mean More Pain?

Spain is a bigger mess than most Americans can appreciate, as the 26% unemployment rate in Spain (which was a quarter-over-quarter improvement) is higher than has ever been seen in the U.S., including during the Great Depression. Likewise, major Spanish banks like Santander (NYSE:SAN) and BBVA (Nasdaq:BBVA) continue to see bad credit levels that would be hard to imagine at major U.S. banks.

Still, U.S. banks such as Bank Of America-like (NYSE:BAC) have seen prices spike once credit costs bottom out. While BBVA is unlikely to see a BAC-type return in the next few quarters, BBVA's management of its Spanish business and the quality of its Latin American operations will ultimately lead to improved results and a better valuation.

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