Thursday, September 19, 2013

Seeking Alpha: Is Titan Bottoming Out?

It's been a rough year for most companies that have much to do with the agriculture, earthmoving, or mining vehicle industries. Deere (DE) is up a little, Caterpillar (CAT) is down a little, Joy Global (JOY) is down a little more and the two Titans (Titan Machinery (TITN) and Titan International (TWI)) are down even more. Although AGCO (AGCO) and CNH Global (CNH) are up pretty strongly over the past year, they're more the exception and perhaps benefiting from less reliance on North America.

In any case, Titan International is the stock I'm interested in for this article. This company has had an up-and-down history, with management having something of a history of "I confess … it's not our fault!" excuses for operational issues, but also a cogent plan for building strong share in a variety of growth markets like Eastern Europe and Brazil. Calling a bottom in a stock always runs the risk of making you look stupid later on, and I do see risks that the ag and mining markets could get worse. Even so, unless Titan seriously drops the ball and actually loses share over the coming decade, I think the shares are undervalued today.

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Is Titan Bottoming Out?

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