Monday, September 23, 2013

MassDevice: Despite A Long Road Ahead, Sunshine Heart Is Worth A Serious Look

If you've been following the medical device (and/or pharmaceutical) space for a while, you know that congestive heart failure is one of the nastiest, hardest to treat, chronic conditions out there. There's really no way to reverse the disease short of a heart transplant, and the drugs and device therapies available sort themselves out between "largely ineffective" and "effective, but with serious issues".

That's terrible news for those patients who have congestive heart failure, but it leaves a tremendous opportunity for Sunshine Heart (NSDQ:SSH). This small-cap med-tech from Minnesota appears to have an ingenious solution to the problem, one that is based around well-understood principles and relatively simple technology. Although it will be at least four to five years before commercialization in the U.S., and that's only if the pivotal study shows adequate efficacy and an acceptable risk/benefit profile, this is definitely a name to watch in the med-tech space as the company looks to bring a new option to the table for seriously ill CHF patients.

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