Friday, September 27, 2013

Seeking Alpha: LNG Continues To Fuel The Chart Industries Story

The picks-and-shovels approach to the LNG market that Chart Industries (GTLS) offers has already delivered great results for long-term shareholders. Up almost 70% in the past year and over 400% for the past five years, Chart Industries has shown itself to not only be the real deal in terms of offering leverage to LNG infrastructure growth, but smart about picking and choosing its market opportunities.

Chart is not cheap by any valuation approach I can come up with, but I don't think it will get all that cheap until the outlook for LNG infrastructure growth slows significantly… and I don't expect that to happen any time soon. I'm not going to push the "valuation doesn't matter" angle as I like to practice what I preach, but with the build out of LNG infrastructure in the U.S. and Europe still in early days, it won't surprise me at all if Chart continues to perform quite well.

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LNG Continues To Fuel The Chart Industries Story

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